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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: breaking news we're following this evening. san jose police have arrested two suspects who police say drove their car straight at a police officer. it happened around 6-30 this evening near story road and mclaughlin avenue. police say the driver tried to hit an officer. then drove off. the suspect's car then allegedly struck an occupied police cruiser. after conducting a yard-to-yard search. officers located the two suspects in the backyard of someone's house along mclaughlin avenue. officers are clearing the area. and reopening the roads. >> reporter: several post nine- eleven anti-terror surveillance provisions have expired after the senate failed to extend them before the deadline at midnight. republican senator rand paul,
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who is running for president.took credit for the outcome as he used senate rules to slow action. the expiration may be only temporary. the senate is now looking to measures. but at least for now the government can no longer collect americans' phone records and search them for terror ties. >> reporter: a 9-year-old girl is critically injured after a car slammed into a terminal at los angeles international airport. it happened just before 5 tonight at terminal 7 on the departures level of the airport. officials say a sports sedan driven by a 67-year-old man struck the girl on the sidewalk room at the terminal. the driver and passenger suffered non-life threatening injuries. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. ap-us--car
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>> reporter: tonight, a stunning discovery, the south bay. at a recycling center in computer she thought was junk. but as kron four's philippe worth 200-thousand dollars. and, the mystery lady still doesn't know it. these days. >>- "i already got today a couple of messages." victor gichun and the recycling company he works for -- cleanbayarea -- are very popular. its my mama." of april, a customer, this time an elderly lade, parked her suv like this one, in front of this warehouse to dropp off some recyclibles. >>- "and, i asked her as usual we do, we have some procedure like do you need a tax receipt or do you need a pick-up receit or do you have anything valuable? she said no. no, my husband just passed away. i just want to clean the garage." she left, then victor set the boxes down and went home. >>- "and, bout in two weeks, the recycling guy went through the boxes."
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>> reporter: little did victor know that inside one of these boxes was an apple one. one of only about 200 first generation apple computers made in 1976. and, you could imagine his surprise. >>- "i said, what?! you are kidding me?" >> reporter: gets better. >>- "he looked at this computer and said, well, how much do you want guys and we said $200,000. he said ok, see you tomorrow." >> grant: both side completed the transaction. >>- "you seem like a happy guy. i mean, life is good? absolutely. i live in california. the best state in america." and >> reporter: now victor wants to share his joy and the company's wealth by splitting the proftis with the woman who started it all. victor hopes she sees this and comes forward.
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meanwhile he's having fun with it. >>- "i had vacation. i was in puerto villarta recently because you know i got some money. i'll be honest with you guys, haha." >> reporter: in milpitas. sot- "i was right when i decided to join this business, haha." >> reporter: philippe djegal kron four news. >> reporter: watch out water- wasters. statewide mandatory water restrictions are going into effect tomorrow. this comes after governor jerry brown approved emergency drought regulations earlier this month that aim to slash water use by 25 percent. the measure calls for cities and water agencies to reduce water usage by amounts ranging from 8 percent to 36 percent. communities with the lowest per capita use. such as san francisco and hayward. must reduce water use by 8 percent. those with the highest use. such as hillsborogh and atherton. must reduce water use by 36 percent.
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>> reporter: his girlfriend's six-year-old daughter when she went missing thursday morning. he is now accused of murder.and is behind bars tonight. jadianna larsen's remains were found in a brush fire in glenn county. autorities are looking to see sacramento or glenn county. rivera was the one who reported jadianna missing. records show the man has a wrap sheet.with arrests dating back to 20-10. >> : the discovery of new evidence led to his arrest. >> reporter: investigators are working to find out exactly when.where.and how the kindergartener was killed. to find jadianna missing from experienced a medical emergency that caused him to lose consciousness. the child's mother is not considered a suspect in the case. >> reporter: firefighters extinguised a grass fire in vallejo this afternoon. this is the second grass fire in
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a week.within a half-mile of each other. the fire started in a homeless encampment. it appeared people were using cooking appliances.and spread around a quarter of an acre. a lot of material burned.but crews were able to put out the fire within five minutes. vallejo battalion chief says no injuries were reported. >> reporter: wrapping up rock and roll tonight! on this, the last day of bottlerock. the music and food festival in napa county is in it's third year now. this time it's under new management. kron 4's scott rates spoke to concertgoers who say this year seems to be much better than previous ones. >> reporter: to a lot of the big headlines snoop doggy and imagine dragons. i spoke to a lot of people inside. this said the food was also very good.
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there was a lot of concerns about traffic. as people high compared to last year. >> : everything is been great have very well organized. >> : this year is way more organized. the first year and everybody will was all over the place. party was very easy. very easy to drive around. >> reporter: there were 12 or rest and that number could go up after tonight.
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>> reporter: still ahead. google is planning to expand its headquarters in mountain view. the features the new building has in store. crews are getting ready to replace the ruptured pipeline that caused a major oil spill in southern california. the progress crews have made in the clean-up process. lawmakers expected to review new legislation that targets soda. how the bill aims to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks.
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fgot >> reporter: tomorrow.san francisco law makers are expected to introduce new leglistion aimed a curbing the consumption of sugary drinks. one proposed measure would require soda ads on buses billboards and other city surfaces to carry labels warning that sugary drinks contribute to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. the other laws would ban soda ads on public property and prohibit city funds from being used to buy soday the american beverage association industry group says they plan to fight the bills.
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>> reporter: a woman from marysville in northern california who reported her husband missing in january. has been arrested on suspicion of killing him and burying him in a shallow grave. an anonymous tip led authorities in yuba county to the grave in plumas lake on friday. the body was identified as 33- in the search of the victim's home, detectives found evidence that led them to arrest the victim's wife.33-year-old monica kelly rodriguez. she was booked into jail and told investigators she asked two women to help her get rid of the body., no further information has been released. >> reporter: google is introducing a new proposal for a futuristic headquarters expansion in mountain view. the plan is to build a 600-
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thousand-square-foot translucent domed building on a site it leases from the city near the current googleplex. the project would have its own water treatment plant, a small plaza with stores and a nature path open to the public. google's pre-existing lease on the property was not part of the original proposal that was shot down by the city earlier this year.givng the company a "trump card" to play. >> reporter: company whose pipeline caused the refugio oil spill recently.has replaced the ruptured pipeline. crews finished installing 80 feet of the two-foot wide pope on saturday.and the company showed off new images of the new section of pipe. the company also explained why this pipeline did not have an automatic shut off valve. >>"its important to understand that this is a large diameter high pressure pipeline. the results of an unintended valve closure with high pressure could cause more problems to the pipe trapping that sort of pressure.we feel its more important for a trained operator who understands the hydrolics of this pipeline to close the pipeline valves as part of a
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sequence of steps to isolate the >> reporter: clouds will continue to increase in thinking and. widespread drizzle. we possibly will get weakened showers because of the hurricane. because of the cold front we see showers. the main concern is the morning drizzle it's possibly wide spread.
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by lunchtime, we will see fifties on the coast. inland's will it to los '70s. it's not going to feel like doing and ought a lot of locations. los '70s and paulo alltel. mid- 70s it in the evergreen area. 61 in oakland. los '70s in and buffed-in the napa.
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because of hurricane we might get a chance of rain on saturday. enjoy the cooler temperatures if you can. >> reporter: one team is using a new tool to get where volunteers
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can. >> reporter: chip is here looking for people he knew personally. >> : part city all to find something persevere hope that you don't. >> : they're using h-p cameras searching for bodies or they can't findm . there are also
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collecting data to determine how these missions should be donem >> reporter: this search is about their friends. >> : this puts said in a new perspective. >> reporter: >> jason: explains the sports coming up next..
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>> : they're sort of a progression of test that he has to go through four in b a
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protocol. >> jason: tipoff at oracle stadium. walking around sun glasses on. 25,000 in attendance. sweet flip job. this home run more than enough and more than of offense for that a today. three nothing theas. meanwhile the giants wrapup the
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best game in history. brandon crawford made a one mountain home run. he doesn't like the pitch because it is to run blast former giant or rebates. you think is an m.b.a. giants party. then this happened. brandon crawford bobbles it. all the
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runs ron-a round. 21 and 9 in may. lebron against >> jeff: curry listen for days >> reporter: a 102-year-old woman threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the milwaukee brewers game. a stretch limo brought gladys holbrook to miller park. many fans were there to see the game.but holbrook had a following of her own. her supporters came wearing tee-shirts encouraging her to "throw the heater". on the back.their shirts read "throwing 102 at 102." even though she's in a wheelchair.she still managed to give the ball a good throw.
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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"the "weekend insider"" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. we're not perfect. we make mistakes every day. >> the "19 kids and counting" child molestation scandal takes a political turn. how does it fit into the presidential campaigns? >> our obligation is complete the case is over. after seven long years lilo's probation is over. her dad michael weighs in. >> everyone was against her. they were ng. cher's nearly 70. the new face of mark jacobs. what does it really take for hollywood to celebrate women of a certain age? >> good genes and a lot of money. neverland is officially up for sale and could be yours for $100 million. nba star steph curry is going to the finals. but it's


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